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miniPad - a Windows solution for quick notes

download miniPad r0.1.20 (119 KB)
(see "Known bugs/issues" below for r0.1.20.JF patch if you want it)


  • download the above ZIP file and extract it
  • make sure you have a JRE installed and java binaries are in your PATH
  • run miniPad.bat (or if you have the Java web plugin, you can just double click the JAR file)
What is miniPad?

miniPad is a tool that provides similar functionality as "post-it" notes. You can open multiple note windows on your screen (with different background styles) and type in your thoughts and ideas. You can move your windows around, resize them, pin them to the front of the screen (this functionality requires Java 1.5), hide them, etc. Your notes are automatically saved to disk while miniPad is running. You interact with miniPad via the icon in the system tray (thanks to JDIC!). Screenshots:

Give miniPad a try!

Known bugs/issues in the latest release:

  • since r0.1.13, miniPad has been using JDialogs instead of JFrames to display note windows - this has introduced some quirks in the way the note windows behave sometimes:
    • right clicking on the system tray icon will bring all non-hidden notes to the front
    • creating a new note will bring all non-hidden notes to the front
    a patch is available for this to use JFrames instead of JDialogs if you so prefer - grab it here - it's a JAR file, just replace your miniPad.jar with this one.
Updates/fixes in r0.1.20

  • notes are now titled - they use the first line or the first 20 characters of the note text, depending on what's shorter
Updates/fixes in r0.1.19

  • changed the tray icon mechanism to JDIC (JDesktop Integration Components); this fixed the freeze error
  • left-clicking the system tray icon will now bring up a new note (shortcut to the "New note" menu item)
Updates/fixes in r0.1.16

  • introduced "mandatory" debug mode to narrow down a nasty bug - an output file is created in miniPad directory with debug info
Updates/fixes in r0.1.15

  • new style - Highlight
  • changed Random style to Alternating
Updates/fixes in r0.1.13

  • hidden notes are now shown in gray color in the Show note menu
  • new Options menu allows the user to change the color scheme, style, and word wrap options easily
  • note windows are no longer in the taskbar -> this is a JFrame to JDialog change, which introduces some quirks in the way the note windows interact
  • hitting the X button on an empty note will now delete it instead of just hiding it
Updates/fixes in r0.1.11

  • fixed an issue where creating a new note would display all hidden notes
Updates/fixes in r0.1.10

  • fixed the polka dot repaint issue
Updates/fixes in r0.1.09

  • added different color schemes
  • added different styles (current default is random between lines and polka dots)
  • added config.dat file with global miniPad settings
  • added notes.dat file, which persists notes to disk
Updates/fixes in r0.1.05

  • added "Pin to front" option for a note window - this option is only visible to users who have JRE 1.5 and up; this options makes the window always on top of other windows

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